Lygon Group

Chief Executive and management team for consumer company

A consortium of private equity firms was considering a bid for a FTSE 250 consumer business. They wished to change management but could not go public until the deal had completed. Securing a strong management first was a prerequisite to moving ahead with the bid.

The Roles
  • A world-class CEO.
  • Provide contingency plans for the CFO.
  • Operations Director.
The Requirements
  • To over-recruit an experienced CEO and management team, with a 50:50 chance of the approach to buy the business being successful.
  • Confidentiality was paramount and time was of the essence.
The Solution
  • Three candidates presented for each role, from the UK, North America and Europe.
  • CEO appointment announced two weeks after the deal completion; Operations Director a month later. Incumbent CFO remained in place.
  • Business subsequently resold to trade buyer four years later for six times return.

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