Lygon Group

Technology is no longer a back office function: it is now the lifeblood of most businesses; underpinning the core product delivered to and supporting their customers. Technology is becoming ever more involved in process standardisation to drive efficiencies, for intelligent data management, to understand the customer better, to improve the customer experience and to drive revenue.

Companies are looking to new business models where the traditional functional lines of responsibility are blurring. We provide our clients with access to talented executives who understand technology and its commercial applications across the business to improve the return on investment.

Our functional experience in technology covers digital, ecommerce and multichannel leaders, CTOs and CIOs and our clients range from small internet start-ups to some of the world’s largest publicly traded organisations.

The appointment of senior technology leaders often prompts additional IT recruiting needs. Our sister company, Weaverbird, specialises in building out technology teams.

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