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Board Advisory

Case Studies

Responsive approach


Our client is an international FTSE 100 consumer business. As part of a regular, confidential review of succession planning for CEO and CFO, Lygon was asked to conduct an external global mapping and benchmarking for the two most senior executive roles in the company. Part-way through the work, the CEO indicated that he was considering retiring from the role and we were asked to accelerate the work and turn it into a live search to develop a long-list of potential candidates who we were confident would respond well to an approach

We developed a shortlist of qualified candidates for discussion with the Nomination Committee and agreed to approach several of them under a non-disclosure agreement. A small number met the Nomination Committee and the board selected its preferred candidate, enabling the company to announce the appointment of a chosen successor as part of an orderly succession planning announcement

Talent spotting


Our client is an international FTSE 100 manufacturing and technology group. Supported by Lygon, it had invested heavily in hiring and developing diverse talent amongst its top 30. Investing in the next layer of management was critical for succession planning and in order to motivate and retain high potential talent. Lygon was asked to conduct leadership assessments amongst that cadre of management so that development needs and stretch opportunities could be identified

Multiple individuals carried out detailed psychometric assessments and Lygon partnered with an occupational psychologist with whom it has a long term relationship to conduct combined psychometric and competency-based search-style assessments. We provided a detailed assessment of each individual which identified strengths and areas for development both in terms of experience and leadership style. Our client used these assessments to make a number of internal promotions and to have direct and open discussions about each individual’s future potential within the group

Ten out of ten

Our client is a FTSE 100 industrial company which was assessing its group leadership following the resignation of an executive committee member who had ten direct reports. The group wanted to identify which of those ten should be invited onto the group executive committee. Lygon was asked to interview and assess all ten and recommend those who had the potential to make the step-up

All team members were assessed via our independent occupational psychologist who put them through a range of psychometric assessments. He then interviewed them alongside our internal assessment lead consultant as well as a Lygon partner. We provided detailed reports comprising individual strengths and areas for development in order for them to contribute as a member of a FTSE 100 executive team. Our client used these assessments to restructure the group leadership team and develop plans for all ten

We love your energy and responsiveness.  You moved quickly to turn things around when we were under pressure.  We are so thrilled with the result.  We had really positive feedback from candidates too and how they were treated in the process.  You are not like other headhunters, it is refreshing. 


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