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Case Studies

A new role


Our client is a FTSE 250 business services and technology group. The CEO is driving a business transformation and has rebuilt its executive committee. Chief General Counsel and Co Sec is not a role that had previously existed in the group. It was clear to the CEO that the role was critical to the business and to the board in managing both contractual and reputational risk and in gaining deeper insight into the potential liabilities arising from its growth strategy

We mapped the UK market for group general counsels with experience of leading this agenda at a group-level, of building a legal function, and of providing first class advice to a plc board. We also searched for general counsels in the US and Europe with experience of UK law and of plc corporate governance who may wish to relocate to/return to the UK

The successful candidate was a British female, based in Africa at the time, with experience as Chief General Counsel in several FTSE businesses

International support


Our client is a FTSE 100 international manufacturing and technology group. It had begun to consider how it could transform its business model and identify different ways to monetise its devices and the data they generate. Our client wanted to appoint a Chief Digital Officer who was capable of supporting a devolved group to develop a variety of strategies to achieve this vision

We conducted a global search across multiple sectors to identify candidates who had the requisite skills and experience for the role, and also the personality required to influence and support a devolved group in its digital journey and who would be comfortable not owning the P&L drivers themselves

The successful candidate was a German female who relocated to the UK for this international role. She has experience across several B2B sectors with a track record of helping to evolve business models. She also brings a diverse range of international relationships with tech start-ups, entrepreneurs and VC-backers

Upmost confidentiality

Our client is a global FTSE small cap engineering business which operates via a portfolio of businesses. The Group CEO sought a CEO for its largest portfolio company which was headquartered in Norway and manufactures in China, Asia, Europe and the USA. The search was confidential as it had not been communicated internally that the incumbent CEO was retiring

We identified candidates across Europe and Asia who brought multi-country, manufacturing experience with a track record of growth and who could set the strategy for the next growth phase of the business. We engaged with the use of an NDA in order to respect client confidentiality

The successful candidate was a French national, based in Switzerland, who worked for a global US company. He brought a background as an engineer and had then moved into PL& leadership roles in China as well as multiple European markets. He had a track record of driving revenue and profit growth and of building high calibre teams

I love working with you.  You understand us and what will fit with us – so I trust your judgement and always listen when you challenge.  I won’t use anybody else on my exco hires.

Global Head of Talent, FTSE 100

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