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Non-Executive Director

Case Studies

Bridging the youth gap


Our client is a FTSE 100 international, globally-recognised consumer brands business with operations around the world. We have supported the chair to build the board since its IPO

The company has extensive operations in Asia and the board wanted to appoint a new non-executive director with current understanding of the market and of the Chinese millennial consumer in particular

We put forward a shortlist of nine candidates, with a mix of retail, technology and leisure backgrounds, some had plc understanding, for others this was new. The successful candidate was a high potential executive committee member, an Australian, based in Singapore with a background of building top end luxury brands in the region

Leading light


Our client is a fast-growing global manufacturing and engineering group. A FTSE 250 when we started to work with the board, it is now a constituent of the FTSE 100

Committed to diversity and following the successful appointment of a respected female audit chair, we were given a broad remit and asked to identify candidates from outside the sector who would bring a different perspective and knowledge of digital strategy, brand building and expansion of an international B2B business

From a shortlist of five, our client appointed an American woman, based in the UK, with a background in consumer brands as well as recent senior management roles in a global technology business

Powerful transformation


Our client is a FTSE 250 international services business. The CEO is driving a business transformation and growth strategy in the headwinds of economic downturn in its end markets

We have worked with the Chair to build a board to support the management team in terms of expansion in emerging and developed markets, R&D and management of shareholder and other stakeholder expectations

We have worked on the appointment of three women to the board: a US citizen; a US-based British woman with substantial emerging markets experience; and a Continental Europe-based British woman who is CFO of a global contracting business. We have also worked on the appointment of two men: a Singapore-based German national with plc experience and a British national with a strong reputation as a plc non-executive

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FTSE 20 Chair

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